Pregnancy and Parenting Resources for Students

Welcome to Tulane’s resource hub for pregnant and parenting students! This site is intended for all students, undergraduate, graduate, and professional, who are pregnant, as well as students who are the partner of a pregnant person. Students who are parents can also find valuable resources provided by Tulane and within the greater New Orleans community. Pregnancy and parenting can be a uniquely challenging experience, and Tulane is committed to helping its students navigate this period of their lives with care and sensitivity.

Tulane University is committed to equal access and eliminating discrimination. This commitment is both a moral imperative—our university motto compels us to act not for oneself but for one’s own—as well as a matter of law. This website will provide you with the information on how Tulane is ensuring the protection and equal treatment of pregnant students, students with pregnancy-related conditions, and students who are new parents.

Students who seek benefits, services, or leave related to pregnancy and childbirth should first contact Case Management and Victim Support Services (CMVSS). CMVSS can provide support while coordinating any benefits, services, and leave. Please note that CMVSS is a private resource, meaning that conversations with this office are kept as private as possible, but information may be shared with other Tulane employees to ensure that the student receives the support they need. CMVSS will assist you to disclose and discuss your plans with your academic program. To connect with CMVSS for benefits, services, or leave related to pregnancy and childbirth, please complete the Student Childbirth and Pregnancy Request Form. Once you complete the form, a case manager from CMVSS will reach out to you within 2 business days.


click here to complete the Student Childbirth & Pregnancy Request Form